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Clearwire Stock Trade on Buyout Offer from Sprint:

  • Clearwire - Stock Symbol CLWR - Is a 4G Network Cell Phone Tower / Provider 

  • On May 22, 2013 they recieved a buyout offer from Sprint at $3.40 a share 

  • There was an article in Barrons saying their shareholder group said the Sprint buyout bid was too low -

  • It was All Over the chat rooms - you would have noticed it 

  • It was early in the negotiating process - and with a little bit of "Acumen", you would know Sprint would need a 4G Network provider - with a lot of regular phones going to smart phones and needing 4G

  • So when that article came out the stock was sitting at $3.40

  • Sprint subsequently raised their bid to $5

  • You would have made a relatively easy AND low risk 47% trade.  If you had invested $1,000 when you heard the news - you would have walked away with $1,470


You Could have Caught this trade using the links on the DVD - or from the chat rooms listed on it

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