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Be Interested

  • Not the most elaborate production - but the most effective - (written by a stock trader from the trenches, not by salesmen telling you what you want to hear)

  • Most of the people that buy this package had been wanting to learn stock trading for a while.  They checked out everything else, as best they could, then they chose this. (IF you compare what's in this website, to others, you will see why.)

Dual Mission Statements:

  • The BEST & Quickest Way to Learn Stock Trading - And to be Able to Make the Most Money Possible

  • And To Find Whatever Trades Are Available THAT Day -

    • Has a Unique Search Engine Capacity that Searches the Market for the Winning Trades 


- This is a promo site for the DVD - not the DVD itself

Basic Description - Nutshell:

  • Explains everything you need to know to learn stock trading, get good at it, and make the most money possible. 

  • It's ALIVE !!! Has ALL the links you would need / want to trade stocks as effectively as possible.  Not just "day one" links, but the fine set you would have if you traded stocks for at least two years, full-time.

    • Makes buying books on stock trading seem silly - Nearly Everything stock trading related happens on the internet


  • ​It also has a special set-up, where you can accomplish the whole thing from your smartphone - explained below.

  • It WILL work to learn stock trading. Written by a stock trader for other stock traders. 

  • It's the only one that explains Everything you need to know about how to trade stocks, get good at it, make as much money as possible - AND the only one that has all the links - Google around, and you'll see.

More In Depth:

Sort of Divided into Two Sections:

  • The first section explains everything you need to know about basic buy and sell - WITHOUT the focus of making money.

    • Explains how to select and use an online brokerage, order types, etc

    • Basic stock check out - what they do - rudimentary Financial check out (look "under the hood")

    • All the basics

    • It explains each subject then provides a reference link to explain a little further and backup what's being said.

  • The second section is the Main Section / Focus - How to make money = WHAT stock to buy WHEN (and when to sell).  It does this by providing numerous examples of the type of news it takes to move stocks, and the type of stock.  

How it Works To Find Trades:

  • Shows you how to find the "Movers" - (hop on - enjoy the ride - sell higher) 

  • What it usually takes is a game changing situation, where a stock can get a big contract, or get FDA approval - or some type of a situation where the potential payoff is huge - related to its market cap.  Example - if a biotech stock with a market cap of 2 million dollars gets a contract with the potential of a million dollars - that means the stock can easily go up 50%.

    • To Explain:  Stock prices are based on Potential earnings - that's why they call it Speculation

    • Stock prices are based on PE ratio - Price to Earnings (also called the "Multiple").  

      • Example - If a stock has a PE Ratio of 10 - that means its Total Market Cap size is 10 times what it currently makes a year.  - Then - Market Cap Divided by the number of shares = Stock Price.

    • IF the earnings can increase, the stock price usually follows - (as with the example of the small biotech above).

  • So you would read / look through the numerous examples to get a handle on what it takes to move stocks. Of course you would have to have some common sense for the subject in the first place, since nothing can teach you common sense.  

  • Also shows you how to find the "Day Trade Momo Stocks" - Lots of times the day traders will pile into one or 2 stocks - and it moves.  It may not always be the most financially sound or logical stock (or something you would want to hold on to) - BUT ,,,,

  • After you learn this "system" if you will, you should know what to look for.

  • So the DVD provides one set of search links to screen the entire market for stock trade "candidates", and then a second set to check them out.

  • It also uses this online portfolio set up, takes seconds to produce, you put your candidates in them, and when cut and pasted into browser it will become live and give you the latest stock price along with the latest news.  Since its live you can almost "See" the orders going through - to see IF what should be happening is what is happening.  - It shows volume, price change, and more - it hops around.

  • You would use the second set of links to check them out - more later.  

  • Then as the main graphic states it's time to use your intelligent decision making, gained from the DVD, to decide whether to buy or not - also more later.

Also Quickly shows you how to Trade Stock Options

  • With options the stock only has to go up about one and a half percent, and IF you choose the right option it can go up 100%.  

  • This is necessary, because a lot of stocks are priced Very high - $100 a share or more, so the chance of a contract moving the stock significantly to make a trade worthwhile is practically nil.  - See Boeing options trade below


Complete Set Of "Online Stock Lists" -

  • It also goes a step further, and supplies lists of the most popular trading stocks. This is important because it gives you a good place to start.  It also explains a lot of the most popular stocks.

  • They're all in this "online form" - when you cut and paste them into the browser they become "Live" and give the latest stock price and the latest news.

  • See "Stock Lists" page - banner on top


  • It tries to get you to the experience level of a seasoned trader - with two years full time experience, in 2 weeks or less - and shows you how to avoid beginner mistakes - which in itself is worth a fortune - 85% of traders make the Same mistakes.

    • Realtors can often pick it up right away, since they're used to examining financials on the computer.

Main Marketing Statement:

  • Check Out Everything Else That Is Out There - FIRST - And You'll See NOTHING Else Comes Remotely Close To Doing What This Does.

    • Who Else can say that? (maybe it says something)​

Main Focus:

  • Swing Trading / Day Trading - Necessary because stocks Very Often DON'T Hold their Gains - So, rather than looking at a stock chart and saying "I wish I had sold there - it shows you how to "Guesstimate" when to sell.

  • The SAME principles of Swing Trading apply to Buy and Hold, for the most part.

  • Also shows you how to trade "Leveraged ETF's" described below

  • Mostly deals with the well known Nasdaq stocks.  - The "Penny Stocks" are covered too - only Not as much detail.   First of all - when some says "Penny Stock" often they mean a Nasdaq stock that's less than a dollar - However the True definition of a Penny stock is one that trades on a different exchange than the Big Board stocks.   There's a LOT Less Regulation - AND - as a result, the majority of them are Scams / Boiler Room Operations.  They mostly trade on Hype / BS - and WHEN they HAVE legitimate news, No one believes them.  Lots of times when you track down their base of operations, it's a laundromat.  (People like to think of them as a small company working their way up - but the reality is: they're trying to con you.  The Dream of "Buying for pennies / selling for millions" happens exceeding rare.)  Making a Fat Payday on Options Trading happens everyday - that's why it's covered.

Purpose of this Website:

  • To explain the DVD as closely as possible - NOT to Over Hype it.  Since it's an "Unknown Element" there's no point in wasting everyone's time - people are gong to check it out first.

****Nothing else even explains ALL the stock trading Basics involved in buy and sell -

  • First of all - Read their description - They're Not saying they're showing you everything you need to know to trade stocks - Most have some little "Gimmick", such as chart patterns - or you get to be in a chat room and speak to a "Live" trader.

  • See For Yourself - Google around - go to a bookstore - go to a seminar - do anything you can think of. 

    • Also Google "How does "such and such" show you how to find stock trades" = Will show you IF there's any substance. 

  • Nothing else has links
  • More on this later - See ***

Options - Further:

  • Since your option can move 100% - If your stock goes up 1.5% - this then equals it's NOT that difficult to make several times your money.  200% and 300% are common - 10x is doable, and not that uncommon.

  • Which then equals you don't need a lot of money to trade stocks - you just need $200.

  • Case and Point - the Boeing Trade:

  • You probably have heard, Boeing had a lot a problems with their new 737 Max - and not surprisingly the stock slumped quite a bit.  It had been down for a while, usually it takes some time for the stock price to settle.

  • Then it had a news article - November 11 2019 -
    "On Friday, the FAA told U.S. lawmakers a preliminary review by a blue-ribbon panel has found Boeing's design changes to a key safety system to be "safe" and compliant with regulations." 

Link shown for reference -

  • The stock was at $351.  

  • IF you bought the stock.  In this example the stock went up 2.7%.  Just to make $200 you would have to put $7,400 at risk.

  • - IF you bought the option, (and knew what you were doing) - you could put in only $250, and expect to easily double it, and probably more.

    • See Graphic Below​

  • Also with options it's an easy way to play a "Down" market. That is if you think a stock is going to go Down, you can buy what's called a "Put".  It's the same way as going Long - only in reverse.             

    • See trade example below -

How It Works - Full Explanation:

  • The First section explains all the basics about stock trading WITHOUT the focus of making money

    • Shows EVERYTHING you need to know about basic Buy n Sell:

      • Select and use an Online Brokerage 

      • Basic stock checkout - What they do, company size, Look under the hood at financials - Are they making money? - How much do they keep? (balance sheets), How much Institutional Ownership do they have? Are the Insiders Buying (or selling)?

      • Explains EVERYTHING you need to know - and NOTHING you don't

  • The Second section explains how to make money = Main Focus of DVD.  

    • It does this by providing numerous examples of the type of news it takes to move stocks, and the type of stock.  Basically what it takes is a small-cap stock with a potential contract size, or news, FDA approval, etc where their earnings can be vastly increased - relative to the market cap size.  If a 2 million market cap stock gets a contract that has the potential of 1 million = the stock can go up 50%.  

    • So, you would read through the examples and try to get a handle on what it takes for a stock to "Move" and the type of stock / situations.  Then you would know what to look for.

  • The way it basically works is the DVD has One Set of links that will quickly scour the entire stock market and spit out a selection of stock trade "candidates".

  • You then take these and quickly put them in this simple "Online Portfolio Setup" - that, when pasted into the browser - the stock prices and volume will be "Live".  Here you can basically "See" the orders going through volume change, along with price increase (or decrease) - to see IF what SHOULD BE happening is what IS happening. 

  • It also provides the live news items, were you would look for such things as rescue news were stock had been in potential trouble of bankruptcy, or FDA approval on a set of stocks who had been anticipating, or contract, etc.

  • Graphic Below -

  • Then as you Whittle down your list, there's another set of links to check out each stock individually.  - Also by this time you should know what you're doing, know what to look for.

  • In additional to checking out the raw news of what's going on - it also shows you how to quickly check out the financials, if they're making money, and the balance sheet how much they keep, how much debt they have, cash, and how much Institutional Holdings they have - you can check it out as far as seems necessary.

  • It also provides a link where you can check out the latest SEC filings. A lot of times news shows up here way before it does any place else. 

  • It also has a link where you can check out all the message boards and chat rooms all in one click - to try to get an idea of what the market trading community has to say about it.

  • Then as the main graphic states it's time to use your intelligent decision making, gained from the DVD, to decide whether to buy or not. While nothing in the stock market is black and white, only different shades of grey, some shades are darker than others.  

  • It all comes down to the "RR System" - Risk Reward - Which Equals - Inorder to get a Reward, you have to take a Risk.

  • Also if you do buy, it shows you easy tracking methods, set alarms, and how to use stops if it drops below a certain point.

  • While this method is far from perfect - it supplies the BEST system of information that's available at the time - AND as Quickly as possible.  Furthermore, IF somebody says they have something significantly better than this, chances are they're full of you know what. 

  • Also, DON'T believe anyone / anything that tells you it's Simple to make money in the stock market = don't fall for the "Free Lunch" bs.  (Or anyone that says they have a "Patented System" that works EVERY time.)

"Paper Trade" First:

  • It shows you how to quickly set up an online portfolio  - where you would "virtually" buy a stock - number of shares and and the price at the time you decided to buy.   Once entered, the stock price will jump around to automatically adjust to the new trading price - and it'll show you what your dollar amount change is relative to when you entered.

    • You can put as many stocks as you want into the portfolio, and it will track them all, and give you a gross total Gain / Loss.  (It's also entertaining, watching the stocks jump around and the numbers quickly recalibrate - since it's live.)

  • Then once you get to the point where you're confident and competent, you trade for real.

  • A good analogy to explain why you should practice first would be the hypothetical situation if you wanted to be a MMA fighter. Would you learn what you're doing first? - or hop in the ring, with a "Let's see what happens" attitude?   (Or, try to "Learn on the job" ?)

  • Also has complete sections on "Do's and Don'ts" - and how to Avoid Beginner Mistakes.   Nearly all (at least 85%) make the same beginner mistakes.  You'd be surprised how costly a lot of these Beginner Mistakes are.     - (= Funny to watch with a lot of people. - You tell them this - get back "Why would I want to spend time doing something Totally unnecessary (especially when I'm such a (fill in the blanK) - then you see them losing enough money to take a Bahamas Vacation - with others you could almost buy a house.)

  • Written in a "From the Trenches / Real World" setting - In many ways the stock market is like a Crooked Casino - they see you coming.  It has No qualms against taking full advantage of the inexperienced traders - (Bambi meets Godzilla).  This shows you the most common tricks that they use - and how to avoid getting fleeced.

  • This DVD Will "Work" and get you to the level of a Seasoned Trader with at least 2 years full time experience in 2 weeks - to 2 months - IF you're willing to put in the modicum of effort.  - Have Proof - People have Made Money Using This. Realtors can often pick it up right away, since they're used to examining financials on the computer.​​ (Some seem to think it will work by Osmosis - or If they keep it in a certain close proximity when they're trading.) 


  • Bottom Line - IF you want to sit down at your computer, or in this case it could also be a smartphone, and Focus on Exactly what you need to know to learn stock trading and to make the most money possible - And to have all the links that you would need / want to trade stocks as efficiently as possible, this is the W.T.G.!!!

Probably the coolest part of stock trading, is after you have a big win, you can transfer the money from your brokerage account to an account that you can access from your ATM
Making Money -
NOT a Free Lunch Program - It shows you how to
Learn to Earn

Also Covers How to Trade Bitcoins - See Below

Also has a unique set up, where you can accomplish the whole thing from your smartphone.  Described Below - 

  Making Money

Investor / Trading Services Available - 

See Below

Key to Money 1.jpg

➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣  ➣

Utilizes a Unique "Invented" Live Tracking System  

  • Gives the Current Price - Along with the Current news

  • And it's "Live" - you can almost "see" the orders going through - to get an Idea of the Volume - IF a lot of people are buying.  - Use this to see IF What Should be Happening - IS WHAT IS Happening (to show buying interest). 

  • Can track a whole list of stocks at one time - Just put in the stock symbol.  - Can tell at a glance IF the stock is "Moving" - or has New news

  • Can use on your phone or your computer

  • Shown Below

Live Trading Screenshot - JPEG.jpg

Also Covers:

How To Select and Use an Online Trading Brokerage:  

  • Ameritrade, Etrade, etc - Gives costs and comparisons 

  • Recommends an Excellent online brokerage that only charges $1 per trade - And the Options Fees are Much Cheaper than Others.   - AND it works the Best.

  • Shows you everything you need to know as far as how to use it - Buy and Sell, Order Types, "Stops" - Everything

  • DVD as well, covers EVERYTHING you need to know as far as "Basic" stock trading - Buy n Sell - Walks you through EVERY Step of the Way. -

  • However the main focus of the DVD is the Tough Part - "What stock to Buy When"

  • Also should be said - recently, a lot of brokerages have dropped fees - It used to be the cheapest fee was $8 per trade, which adds up

  • The "RobinHood" brokerage will probably be mentioned.   "Free Trades" - First of all, it's Not free - they're also "Market Makers" and skim off the top when they give you a trade.  Has many significant limitations as well.   (The Mr T expression comes to mind, IF you select a brokerage on the basis of Not wanting to pay a $1 trade fee - "Pity the Fool".)

Tracking Corona Virus Market Crash - Scr
New 11 x 64 Insert Sheet - Feb 2 - JPEG.

Link to the Coronavirus Stocks Shown -,AHPI,LLIT,INO

China Related - For Website - 235K - Mar

GNC Mega Dip Trade - Trade Example found by using one of the links found in the dvd - It was on the "Emergency Halts" Link - (Referred to on the DVD as the "Shit Happens" link) - 

The vitamin store is publically traded.  

The Government passed a law that radically changed the laws for diet pills - Headline: - 

"Federal agencies including the Department of Justice and anti-trust regulators will announce on Tuesday criminal and civil actions related to unlawful advertising and sale of dietary supplements"

Caused a radical dip of 25% in the stock price.  The astute amoung us know that GNC is GNC and it will come back - and therefore "buy the dip".

Moderna and NVAX - Screenshots for Websi
  • Also has a unique set up, where you can accomplish the whole thing from your smartphone.  In addition to being installed on your laptop, it's also installed to the cloud, to utilize the storage space of the cloud, then you link up to it, it shows up, minus the graphics.

  • You can accomplish the WHOLE Thing from your Smart Phone - Learning / Trading / Tracking - more on setup below - 

  • And of course the trading brokerages have phone apps. 


Also Shows You DIFFERENT Ways to Trade the Market, In Addition to Just Going Long Individual Stocks:


  • NOT to say you WANT to make it more involved, BUT the easy trades aren't Always there

  • Options as mentioned

  • The market also has these stocks called "Leveraged ETF's" - that will move 3X as fast as the commodity it represents.  Can trade the Main Commodities - Oil, Gold, Silver and Natural Gas - as well as the Market as a Whole.

  • Example - Let's say you think Oil is going to go Up - You can buy the leveraged ETF - and IF Oil goes Up 1% - the ETF will go up 3%

  • They are designed for traders - Designed to MOVE!!!

  • They also have "Inverse" ETF's - also called "Bear" ETF's - that will move OPPOSITE.  Example - IF you think Oil is going to go down - and you're right - for Every 1% Oil moves Down - these will Move UP 3%.

  • Can Also play the market as a whole - 3X Up - and 3X Down.

  • Also shows you how to play the entire market using options = IF the market goes Up (or Down) by about 1.5% - your Option can move 100% 

  • Full List on DVD - and the GOOD Ones

See Page 9 For Full Details on Leveraged ETF's - Click here to get there


➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣  ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣➣ ➣ ➣ ➣

Click Here For Current Stock Picks

One went up 100% the next day

*** The Reason For Writing This - IS The SAME Reason WHY It's MUCH BETTER than the Competition -

  • When first started stock trading about 15 years ago, along with joining a lot of investor groups - there was a buzz, everybody pretty much had the same question - "Is there a book or something that explains everything you need to know about stock trading? - or close to?"

  • NO, Not only was there Not a book on that, there wasn't even information about how to do just all the basic basics on buy and sell.  See for yourself - Google around / go to bookstores / go to seminars.

  • And - Nothing else has links.

  • EVERYTHING was checked out PRIOR to beginning this venture. IF there was anything remotely close - this would Never have been started.


**** Additional on Why This DVD / System?

Nothing else comes remotely close to doing what this does -

       - There's Nothing in the same "House" or Even "Planet" -

First of all -As Previously stated   Read their description - They're Not saying they're showing you everything you need to know to trade stocks - Most have some little "Gimmick", such as chart patterns - or - Some "Patented System that Works EVERY Time" - (IF you Fall for anything like that you deserve to ,,,,

SEE FOR YOURSELF - "Google" - "How to make money in stocks" or any phrase you like, you'll find 99% of the material is straight out "Horse Sh_t".

➪ Make sure to Google - "how does (such and such system) work to find trades?" - and, the VAST Majority of the time, you'll get Nothing, or a bunch of Malarky.

➪ Be able to recognize BS - IF they're NOT Clear on how their package Finds winning trades, THAT should tell you something!

➪ Many are very good at Obfuscation = "When it's all said and done, they haven't told you a thing" (a la Don Henley "Dirty Laundry")  

➪ Also Google IF they have any Youtubes - (have yet to find anything but double talk - or "Chart Analysis" which amounts to "Buy the Dips". 

 Additionally, a challenge has been made to come up with something that's worth reading, forget about paying for - so far no one has.

 Then - Take ALL the material considered Worthwhile - and see How Much it helps you to find a trade sitting in front of the computer - IF at All !

 Nothing else has links

 Nothing else has Stock Lists. This, as stated, has lists of the most popular trading stocks - and a list of the Current "Hot Stocks" geting a lot of action

 (AND - as an active stock trader - I don't think a lot of people selling promotional material - know any more than "Stock Trading 101")

➪ The Vast Majority NOT ONLY SEEMS USELESS, BUT is downright Painful to read.


➪ Additionally, there's No comparison on Price.  Most of the others are $5,000  - This one is only $299 and has an all inclusive package deal - Install on Laptop, setup to access on phone, stock lists, including current popular stocks - and a first lesson.  At the end, with any luck, you should be able to make money!

SUNE Calls Trade - Sun Edison

Make $5,000 Profit Off Of a $650 Trade 

- One of those solar companies that sets you up for Solar (solar panels) - and whatever you don't use, you can sell back to the company.

Looking at the Graph - you can see it was over $30 Less Than 6 months previously - Had Problems - Crashed down to Less than $4 - AND -

- Was showing sign of bounce

Sune Graph.png

Bought Calls (Options) at .23 (when stock was in low 3's) - Sold at $2.24 (when stock was over $6) = MADE 800% Profit

- Bought $4 Calls (Stock Option)

- The stock made it to $6 and change

TKMR Trade 

Back when Ebola was in the news constantly -  

- Company got FDA Approval to use its Ebola Drug on people - Previously, it was only allowed on animals.

Continued - Website Error - 

Bitcoins Covered Too - Bitcoin Section -

Covers - ALL You Need To Know - To Trade CryptoCurrency as Intelligently as Possible:

  • How To Buy & Sell

  • The Best "Exchange"

  • The Best "Wallet"

  • Minimize Trading Costs

  • Different "Bitcoins" - CryptoCurrencies - There's 100's of Different Types of Bitcoins

  • Charting Tools

  • FAQ Sheet


  • In Addition to Buying Bitcoins, There's Many Stocks that Trade "Off of Them" - Similar to Nasdaq Stocks - Has List

  •  And, How to Buy Bitcoin "Futures" at the CBOE



       Above is Email "Click Link" 

Artwork - 135 x 16 - 1,986 Profit - Fina

Please!! Like Us on Facebook!!!

Button on "Trading Examples" page - next page


- End of Main Section of Page 1 - Pls proceed to next pages -

- the Below is past "Previous Drafts" (which may help to explain further).

Additional of How this Works to Find Trades - Shows you what it takes to "Move" stocks - Gives you examples and shows you what to look for.

  • You learn the "system"

  • Then there's another set of links that scans the entire market for similar stocks.

  • Then another set of links to check them out.

  • Then you use your "Intelligent Decision Making" - gained from the DVD to decide whether to buy.

  • It basically looks for Game Changing Contracts / FDA approval / Break Throughs - By a Small Cap Company - so that the contract size is HUGE relative to the market cap = the stock could easily double.

  • It also looks for earnings surprises, that can drastically change the stock price.


  • It also looks for "Sh_t Happens" type of stuff.  - "Halted" Stocks / Plunging Stocks / Armageddon - and Overdone Euphoria - ANYTHING that can cause Drastic Movement, because without movement, there is NO trade.

  • There's a link that shows stocks that are emergency halted by the SEC. This often triggers "panic selling" and causes the stock to plummet. Then you quickly check out the stock, using the links and wherewithal - to find out IF the damage is over done. It's your basic "Thriving on Chaos" type of thing. You can often catch a double by this method, writing the stocks return, and bump up - try to sell at the top of the bump.

  • It also has aftermarket screener links. Not infrequently, stocks release hideous news in aftermarket - such as "one-trick pony" pharmaceutical companies - who's solo drug failed a key test - causing their stock to drastically plummet, sometimes as much as 85%. You check it out, and if it seems like it's over done, you would buy -

    • You DON'T expect the stock to come back and you Don't want to "Marry" it, you're hoping to sell it at 40% down (which often equates to a double) - and sell at market open at 9:30 - there usually is a large bounce, with all the market orders, and people thinking they're catching a bargain. This is called playing "Dead Cat Bounce".


  • How to Find the Momentum Stocks - That the Day Traders are Playing THAT Day = PLENTY of ACTION


  • The dvd also provides a unique, simple to use live tracking system, where you can almost "See" the orders going through - to see IF what SHOULD be happening (stock going up, volume) - is what IS happening.

  • There's also numerous chat rooms, where you can see what others are doing - get stock trades - and ask questions.


  • Then you paper trade / practice trade, until you get it right.

  • Then you trade for real.

  • It mostly focuses on day trading / swing trading but the same principles largely apply to long-term, buy-and-hold trades as well.

  • It shows you how to look under the hood at all the financials - balance sheets, income statements, debt level - everything the stock has going - and IF the Insiders are selling / buying - IF the institutions are buying.  Shows you how to do rudimentary financial analysis.

  • There's links where you can check out all the message boards at the same time.

  • It WILL show you EVERYTHING you need to know to trade stocks and to make large sums of money.

  • It's also set up, so that if you goof up, it shouldn't be the fault of the DVD.

  • While far from foolproof, it is designed to be the best system practical to find winning stock trades - and avoid beginner mistakes.

  • It mostly focuses on beating the market - and information not readily available on the internet - but it also covers how to select and use an online brokerages.

  • It's set up for day 1 beginners - and also traders of all experience levels. Experienced can skip over beginner information.

  • It's all straight forward / intuitive - designed for quick easy access.

  • AND, as the Mission Statement states - it's designed to be the best all-in-one device to find the stock trades that are semi-predictable at any given time.

  • You WILL learn stock trading from this - with absolute minimal effort level and time possible.

  • You "Should" gain the experience level of a seasoned trader with, let's say with two years experience in 2 months or less - some pick it up right away.

  • EVERYTHING you need to know to be very successful is there - what you do with it is up to you.


  • Mostly News Oriented - "The News Rules" - but trading by chart patterns is covered too.


  • Shows you MANY more ways to trade the market -in addition to just "Going Long" stocks - as you will see if you read on.


  • Designed to be an "All In Package" - Has ALL you need (except $) to trade stocks as effectively as possible.

The First Part of the Mission Statement:

     - The BEST and Quickest Way To Learn Stock Trading

The bottom line is this is by far the best way and almost only way to quickly learn stock trading. This can be said knowing what's out there - IF there were anything "close" this venture would never have been started - proven by:
- Potential buyers are urged to "Take the Test" - which basically says to do anything imaginable to find information on how to day trade / trade stocks - go to bookstores, search the internet, go to seminars - Anything and Everything - 
- Then find out what's even WORTH READING, none the less worth getting - even for free. 
- Then take all the "worthwhile" information you've collected - and see how much it helps (if at all) when you're sitting in front of your computer looking for a trade.
- People do this, and then they come back and buy the DVD.


People check it out THOROUGHLY prior to purchase - (NO Free Rides / Passes) - House flippers, realtors, investors, the head of a Nissan dealership, even very experienced stock traders.) 

- They feel it is worth it - so they buy. 

- They also recognize it's from an experienced trader that knows the ropes - and seize the opportunity.  - Few people know how to day trade / stock trade successfully - and fewer are willing / able to explain it.

- Smart people buy it and use it - they don't spend time trying to re-invent it.

Also, smart people see from this - there's many other ways to trade the market in addition to just "going long stocks".

- Many people are "Penny Wise" - or Don't see the need to spend "Unnecessary" time - these people Lose their ass - they lose $20,000 and up.  One person had a loan to buy a house - he lost it on stocks instead.  Most make easily avoidable mistakes, that the DVD specifically says NOT to do.

If you're interested in purchasing - the next step - 

  • First of all, it should be reiterated that if you're interested in learning stock trading as quickly as possible, and making money as quickly as possible - this is the way to go.  Again to reiterate - this is the best way to go, because I know what's out there, and many people have gone through the checkout process then they agree and come back and purchase.

  • You'd look through the website some more, and make sure you're interested. - The purpose of the website is NOT to overhype the DVD - but rather to show it as accurately as possible. The "modus operandi", is to meet up with people that want to buy - ALL the buying decision questions are there and whatever objections the would be buyer should be alleviated.  Time is money and we all have better things to do - and, it makes no sense to get together to answer questions that are already on the website.

  • We would meet up at a local wifi, Panera or something - I'm in Hicksville. You bring your laptop, and I install the program, also set up a Start Up link icon - on your home screen - so it's easy to find and start.

  • Also - Set Up Custom "Online Stock Tracking Portfolio Configuration" - Even though it's on the web - (has nothing to do with your computer specifically) -it's easier to meet up - Need to Log into your Yahoo Account.  It makes it tremendously easier to see what's going on on the stocks that you trying to check out.  (I call the configuration "Rob TTFHG" - Rob Trying To Figure out what the Hell's Going on.)

  • Then I also give you a first stock trading lesson, set up to your own particular needs, and learning style - we would talk a bit on the phone first, to find out "where you're at", and how you want to proceed. 

  • Also provided is a list of the current "Hot Stocks" - this is necessary, because when you start trading, you have to know where to start. (It also has a list of all the major popular trading stocks - separated into categories, oil, gold, retail - all the major categories.  - It's in a unique system, so that when you cut and paste the stock list into your browser, it becomes "Live", and will show you the latest stock price, and the current news.

  • Usually also throw in a free computer tune up - Many (it seems Most) computers run MUCH slower than they need to.  - Usually, can easily get your computer to run much faster - in a very little amount of time.

  • Also, set it up on Dropbox, as mentioned - so you can access it from your phone.

  • Also have a large rock and roll music collection - all the best classic rock / music you would want to listen to - all fine MP3 files. This only fits on a flash drive.  Can also install it on your computer, as we're talking, if you're interested - most are - (1,000 fine classic songs and many albums).

  • At the end of the meeting, you should have a good idea of how to make money trading stocks - and will have a complete set up - Both on home computer and Smart Phone.

That's basically it. 

Have Pay Pal - Possibility of "Remote Sale" / Installation via Download Link - Prefer to meet up - both to give stock lesson, and to avoid "It didn't install, I want my money back". 
Other Objections:
- People often ask if it's guaranteed. The response to this is, it will more than likely bring the potential moving stocks to your attention - then as the premise of the DVD, you have to use your "Intelligent Decision Making" learned from the DVD, or otherwise - to figure out whether to buy.  Most Can - Realtors and such.
- The other answer to "if it's guaranteed" - is - my response - anybody that says anything regarding the stock market is guaranteed - is guaranteed to be full of shit.
- Another answer - if you show somebody how to build a fine house - does that mean they'll be able to build one?

- As previously stated - It has EVERYTHING you need to be successful - what you do with it is up to you.

How It Works: (Older rendition of "how to")

First it Explains EVERYTHING about Basic Stock Trading:  

- How to Find Stock Candidates Using Screeners and Other Methods

- How to Perform Rudimentary Analysis - Balance Sheets, PE Ratios, Debt to Cash Position

- How to Buy and Sell Using Online Brokerages

  • Explains Each Subject - then it has a reference link to explain further


Then It Explains Everything In a Little More Detail:  

- Advanced Screeners and Stock Finding Methods - Only known by the Best Active Traders 

- Advanced Analytics - Are the Insiders Buying (or Selling)? - Do Institutions Buy the Stocks? Are they Over Burdened by Debt?  What do People In The Know think of the stock?

- Advanced and Quick Check Out Methods and Links - Quickest and Best Way to Find Out ALL Available Information on a Stock - to Get the "Inside Scoop" of what's REALLY Going On - and Fast Enough while there's still "room" to get in on the trade.  Find stock news NOT available through traditional sources. - Find out IF it's worth risking your Hard Earned Money - and When to Get In - and When to Get Out.

Tries to get you to the Experience Level of a Seasoned stock trader in a very short time.

Then, It Explains How To Make Money:

- Basically, it gives you a Little "Tour" of the type of News / Situations it takes for the Stock PRICE to to CHANGE - Shows you WHAT to look for - THEN you find stocks with similar news / situations, that HAVEN'T Moved YET (Hop In and Enjoy the Ride)

  • How to find "Game Changing News" that will change the stock PRICE 

    • Is this "New News" - Or what Wall Street considers "Built In"

    • Is the "Size" of the News Relative to Market Cap Enough to "Move" the Stock?

    • Has a lot of unique News Feed Links - and Special Sources to find news as it happens (such as stocks emergency halted by the SEC) - Unique Chat Rooms, etc

  • You learn the "System" of what it takes to "Move" stocks - then you "Paper Trade" (practice trade) - WHEN you can do it successfully, you trade for real.

Supplies a Complete Set of Internet Links (Cyber Tools) - to Find Stocks / Check Them Out / Navigate the Market:

- NOT Just "Day One" type of stuff - the best tools (Traders spend a LOT of time trying to find these special screeners, etc - and a lot never do)

- This way when you sit down at your computer - also serves as a guide - shows you exactly where to look on the internet - and what to look for

- Also, WHEN a stock crashes, you have to check it out QUICKLY - or else it will have made its move - you don't have time to Fiddle

How It Works - II - 4 Step Process:

  1. You Read Through the DVD and Get to the Point of where you Basically Know What You're Doing - Particularly of "What It Takes To Move Stocks"

  2. Use the First Set of Links to FIND Stock Candidates

  3. Use the Second Set of Links to Check Them Out

  4. THEN, That's Where the "Intelligent Decision Making" comes in - you use what you've Learned to Figure Out Whether or Not to Buy.   - You also study the stock for Movement, Volume / Upwards Path to determine "Buying Interest" - to try to figure out IF What SHOULD Happen IS What Is Happening).  This is why the "Online Stock List" format (shown on the dvd) - shows "Live" stock prices (you can almost See the Buys / Movement).   - It gives you the Best check out method possible - and it's Fast to use.

The purpose of this website ISN'T to "Over Hype" the DVD, rather it's to describe it as closely as possible - Because it's an unknown element - people are going to check it out Before they buy - and this describes it (some buy it sight unseen) - so it makes NO Sense to Mis-Represent it.  - (No, it's not the one with the "Magic Dots", It's Not a video - It shows you how to trade the SAME WAY as they do on Wall Street.)

Also has a Full Set of Stock Lists of the Most Popular Trading Stocks

- This Gets you WAY AHEAD of the Game - Shows You WHERE the Action IS - Shows you the stocks the market Likes to Trade - otherwise you'd have to learn each stock one by one

- So, Instead of saying "Buy Oil", it has a full set of stock lists (for Oil, both Small Cap and Large Cap)"

- Has ALL the Categories / Sectors (Oil, Gold, Bank Stocks, Biotech, Air Lines, Apparel, etc)


Set Up in "Online" Fashion - Will show the current Price - LIVE - and latest news - WHEN Plugged in to your browser -

- Example -  


See Page 6 For Full Details on Online Stock Lists - Click here to get there

How To Avoid Common / Newbie Mistakes:

- This Alone is worth a fortune - $100,000 to some I have met.  Most new traders make similar mistakes, that this could have avoided.  It will catch the VAST MAJORITY of common mistakes most traders make.  

- (Avoid costly mistakes and "Time sitting on the kitchen linoleum floor, with a bottle of gin" - as Cramer says.) 

- Will also clue you in to the games and "mis-directions" the stock market throws at you.  

- Also, many / most are unaware there's other ways to trade, in addition to just "Going Long" stocks.

Set Up For Beginner, Intermediate - and Advanced Traders:

- The Majority that buy this are "Day One Beginners"

- BUT Many Highly Experienced traders buy it too - (they want to advance their skills / earnings , and learn new areas such as Options and / or Triple Leveraged ETF's (that move 3 times as fast as the commodity it covers, such as Oil)).

- Most Buyers are Smart "Go Getters" that want to better themselves - (Most are seasoned entrepreneurs - (that know bs when they see it)) - They read through this and see it's "The Real Deal", (and they also talk to me).  - They also see it's easily worth the price - and - there's No Sense / Economy for them to take ALL the time to learn everything "Otherwise" - They reach in their pocket and say "Do It" - (and they're happy they did, they spend their time using it to find stock trades).

- However, they, and most buyers - have already researched the market for products such as this.  They mostly agree with the "Take the Test" section below.  They read through the "Premise" of this website "to describe the DVD as accurately as possible (so as NOT to waste everyone's time)" - quickly check out the dvd, see it's true - and they buy.

It's a "One Stop Shop" - Has ALL you Need to "Learn and Earn" - Plug it into any computer - or install on any Fast Smart Phone - and will bring the Full Experience of stock Trading.  Has EVERYTHING, Except Online Brokerage Account and Money.

- Has links to ALL the BEST Chat Rooms - and Access to all the best traders on the internet, that want to be known.  These Chat Rooms are the best there are - and they're Not easy to find - most experienced traders DON'T know about them. You can find a great deal of trades just from the chat room - Many VERY experienced traders. Can also learn from them.

Key Words:

Stock Trading

Day Trading

Learn Stock Trading

Make Money Trading Stocks

Make Money Stock Trading 

Make Money Trading Stocks and Options

Get Rich DVD


How To Make Money In Stocks DVD

How To Make Money In Stocks 




 It's setup so that EVERYTHING you Need to Know to "Learn and Earn" is there - AND, IF You "Bleep Up" - It SHOULDN'T be the fault of the dvd. (It pretty much works)

Stock Trading WITHOUT This is HIGHLY UN-Recommended -

It's sort of Like - stepping in to a boxing ring and Not knowing what you're doing - Often results in a "Bambi Meets Godzilla" type of thing

-Numerous true life stories of people who lost "King Ransomes" - Mostly by doing things the DVD Specifically says Not To Do.

-They lost, Large Sums, REAL Money - (Not to mention the headaches / butt kicking). IF you DO Try It - Take some advice and paper trade first - or speak with an experienced trader. 


Additional Reasons To Buy:


  • THEIR "Saving Money" by Not getting it could allow you to go on vacation for YEARS - Can show you screenshots of what they lose

  • Shows you How to Select and Use an "Online Brokerage" - Place Buy and Sell Orders - and the types of orders.

  • Learn OTHER Methods to Trade, Instead of Just "Going Long" Stocks:

    • Quickly Learn "Stock Options" - see header above

    • Learn 3x Leveraged ETF's - to Play Oil, Gold, Silver and the Market as a Whole - see "ETF's" on header above

    • Shows you how to "Short" stocks - or Buy "Puts" (Stock Option) - for stocks you think are going to go down

  • Covers Penny Stocks - (and has list of popular ones) - see above

  • Substantial Bottom Line Difference:

  • WITH this DVD - You Will have Big Numbers in the Win Column -

  • WITHOUT this DVD - You Will have Big Numbers in the Loss Column

It's ALIVE !!! -

- More on Cyber Tools:

- This way when you sit down at your computer - it shows you exactly where to look on the internet - and what to look for

• It quickly accesses all the data that professional Wall Street traders use to make its "Valuation Decisions" when a stock price change happens. - It takes you "there" as it happens and presents you all the data they're looking at

• Example of a check out link: It explains: Why the amount of short interest is important to know about a stock - and then it provides the link to check it out for that particular stock.


  • This package has ALL the necessary stock trading links - and a simple, clearly arranged method to find them - such as listing the ones you would first in the trading day, and then later.

  • These are advanced tools - (not just "day one" type stuff).  They're hard to find - some traders NEVER find them.  They also serve as guide during stock trading - where to look, and how to check out stocks

  • See Page 5 for more details on the links - Link (click to get there)



An Example of an "Unexpected Results" trade this DVD could find for you - and how it could make you money - is the Facebook Earnings Report Trade:

  • Stock was $26.50 when the report came out - it went to $38 in 3 days=43% Gain


See Page 2 For Full Details on Facebook
Trade - Click here to get there



An Example of a "Game Changing News" stock trade - would be when Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (symbol TKMR) - Got FDA Approval to use its Ebola drug on people

  • Was $15.25 when the news came out - that their experimental Ebola drug had FDA Approval to use on people.  Went to $26 in 3 days=70% Gain

- Other Trade Examples on following pages -


Investor / Stock Trading Services Available - 

~ Leave the Trading To Us!!! ~

- Share a Profit - Rather than Own a Loss!

- Best Way - Set up a separate trading account - and set up a  "Sub-Users" - Has "Permissions" to trade, but CAN'T move money In or Out of account. Interactive Brokers - (name of brokerage) has a provision for this -

- And we Divy Up the Profits - Similar to the Options Trades shown - (IF those type of potential trades don't "Show Themselves" - we don't trade).

- You WILL See Outrageous Returns - and we take this on occassionally if we "Hit it off" w/ people.

- (Many originally didn't deem it "Judicious" to have to share profits - but when they found out they owned "100% of Losses" (as promised) - they came back.) - Share a Profit - Rather than Own a Loss!

How It Works - Advanced:


Trading Examples:

  • "Earnings Report Beat" - IF a company "Beats Expectations" on the Numbers Wall Street is expecting - (the dvd provides links to tables of the numbers Wall Street is expecting) - Then the Stock Is Worth More and the stock will usually start to move up. The DVD first explains the "Entire Drill" and then you compare the "Actual Numbers" to the "Expected Numbers" (along with 2 other factors)

  • An Unexpected Earnings Beat trade opportunity example would be the Facebook stock trade (Stock symbol FB) - shown on page 2.

  • Facebook had its earnings report on 7/24/2013 - at 4pm. Wall Street was expected an EPS (Earnings Per Share) of 9 cents (which you would have found by checking the tables given) - they made 13 cents. 4 cents may Not sound like a big deal, but it represents a "Beat" by 44%. The 2 other factors were good too.

  • If a stock "Beat Estimates" along with 2 other key factors -  Then the stock is Worth More (with the PE and all) - it shows you how Wall Street re-calculates stock prices.  The stock will usually start moving up

    • The dvd shows you how to be in the right place, at the right time.

  • At the time FB was trading at $26.70 - it started to move a little, a few hours later it went to $31. If you had held a few days, seeing how good the report was, in a few days the stock was at $38 -

       - Which=a 40% low risk trade in a week


- Click Here To See Facebook Trade on Page 2 - 



The DVD also provides Unique Stock Screeners - 

  • Such as those that work in pre-market - others don't. It's thinly traded and sometimes you can find stocks that crashed in a vast over-reaction.

Also provides unique "Live News Feeds" links - of the type of news that move stocks.

Supplies FDA Calendars for key drug trials - Along with many other methods - Everything You Need


Another Trade the DVD Could Have Helped You Zero In On Is the Clearwire Trade - 47%

  • Clearwire is a cellphone tower company that specializes in 4G. By tracking the stock, using the tracking method shown on dvd and / or looking at from the posts in the chat rooms - you would have seen that there was an article from Barrons, stating that the shareholders rejected a buyout offer from Sprint saying that the bid was too low.  You could have checked out the stock, and seen that it was a good stock, not a lot of debt, and Sprint would definitely Need it.  And then, with any degree of acumen, you would have realized Sprint needs 4G carriers, with a lot of the phones converting to smartphones - requiring 4G.  

  • It resulted in a 47 percent gain trade, with the downside risk being extremely low.  If you had invested $1,000 when you heard the news - you would have walked away with $1,470


- Click Here To See Clearwire Trade on Page 3 -

Trade Based on the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado:

  • This DVD could have put you in fine shape to take advantage of stock trading opportunities generated by the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado. The chat rooms would have clued you into them. There are many Marijuana based stocks - and these have gone "Through the Roof".One example is GreenGro Technologies - symbol GRNH. It was 4 cents on December 31, 2013 - and it went to $1.20 on January 8, 2014.

  • You could have turned $300 into $7,200.


- See Page 4 - Click Here - 




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